Once your project has been scheduled on our calendar we ask you to gather information in preparation for the design phase.  This will include site related information such as the assessor's parcel number for your property, a copy of your CC&R's, and a topographical survey (if applicable).  We also will need a contact name and number for your architectural review committee (if applicable), information about easements, setbacks, etc.  This is a good time to gather pictures, sketches, and wish lists.  The pre-design phase is our time of listening to you, of research, planning, and preparing to exceed your expectations.

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During the design phase we begin with general concepts and work together towards a very detailed set of floor plans, exterior elevations, and a site plan.  After your approval of the design we submit these plans to your architectural review committee.  Their review can take up to a month or two, depending upon the review committee's schedule.


Construction Drawings:

Once the design has been approved we transition to the construction drawing phase.  During this time we add a foundation plan, floor framing plans, roof framing plans, general notes, and building sections to your set of drawings.  These are now submitted to the structural engineer for completion of engineering calculations.   We also send a set of plans to your truss designer (if applicable).  This phase takes from two to three weeks.

  Design Meeting...We get on the same page

Structural Engineering:

While we are waiting for engineering to be completed (typically two to six weeks) we develop your electrical/mechanical plans and your energy compliance reports. When engineering is completed we spend the following one to two weeks transferring the engineer's calculations onto your construction drawings and adding the finishing touches to your plans.


Building Department Submittal:

The next step is to acquire approval from the local Building Department, and from the local Planning Department. This process can take from two to eight weeks, depending upon the jurisdiction and their schedules. Upon approval you secure your building permit and begin the construction phase!


  Design Meeting...We get on the same page

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