1. Location-location-location:

Prior to purchasing your land it is best to walk the prospective property with us. At this initial meeting we discuss the natural topography, the orientation, utilities, views, and many other factors that can impact your buying decision and design direction. Even if you have purchased your dream property already, our first step is to walk the lot with you, familiarizing ourselves with its unique features.

  Choose the Best Site for Your New House, We Can Help!  
  Design Meeting...We get on the same page

2. Design Meetings:

This is the fun part. The team concept really comes into play at this point as we sit around the table, brainstorming and discussing every aspect of your home's design. During this phase we also work with your general contractor, and your architectural review committee.


3. Construction Drawings:

Once the design is in place we move forward with preparing the working drawings. This typically includes a site plan, a floor plan for each level of your home, a foundation plan, floor framing plans, roof framing plans, building sections, electrical and mechanical plans, energy compliance reports, details, and general notes. If engineering is necessary for your home, your plans are at this time sent to our structural engineer (www.nsse.com).

Once engineering is completed we finalize your complete set of working drawings in preparation for the plan review and permitting process.



  Permits and Approval


4. Review:

Once your plans have been completed they must be reviewed and approved by the local jurisdictions, such as the Building Department and Planning Department.

At this stage we must be sure we have received approval from your Architectural Control Committee, as well. This plan review process can take up to several weeks.

Once plan review is completed you will be issued a permit for construction....and the creation of your dream home starts to become a reality!


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